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Safety Kids Calendar

Each year, the Summit Prosecuting Office holds a contest for all of the counties 6th, 7th and 8th graders. Participating students pick from categories that center around making good decisions and avoiding poor decisions. Those categories include

  1. Trust yourself! Don't give in to Peer Pressure
  2. Don't Do Drugs
  3. Don't Use Alcohol
  4. Never Play with Guns
  5. Don't Vape
  6. Never Give Out Personal Information Online
  7. Don't Talk to or go With Anyone You Don't Know
  8. Say NO to Unwanted Touch!
  9. Never Tell Anyone You are Home Alone
  10. Say NO to Gangs
  11. Stop Bullies in Their Tracks! Always Tell an Adult
  12. Violence at Home is Never Okay! Your Home Should be a Safe Place.

The Prosecutor's office has sponsored this calendar contest continuously since the year 2000.

The goal of the contest is to educate our children about the 12 “Rules for Staying Safe.”

If you have questions or need more information, contact Ben Sliwa at 330-643-7190

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