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Conviction Review Unit

Conviction Review Unit

The Summit County Prosecutor’s Office Conviction Review Unit was created in 2019 to ensure fairness and confidence in the investigative, trial, appellate, and post-sentencing process for all persons criminally charged and convicted. In order for the Conviction Review Unit to conduct a preliminary review of a conviction, the following criteria must be met:

  1. A conviction must be in the Summit County Court of Common Pleas.
  2. To request a review of a conviction, the person must be incarcerated or still in prison.
  3. There must be a claim of actual innocence or wrongful conviction.
  4. New and credible evidence that could confirm or refute the conviction must exist.
  5. The claim must not be frivolous.  We take these applications seriously.
  6. The petition must be submitted by the convicted person or their attorney.
  7. This is a long form. If you cannot answer every question, you can still submit it.
  8. Complete this form as best you can.
  9. Print legibly or type your answers, if possible.
  10. Additional sheets of paper for your answers can be added.

NOTE: If YOU are represented by counsel, this form MUST be submitted by counsel and all communications by the CRU will be through YOUR attorney.


Click here for an application to submit to the Summit County Prosecutor’s Office Conviction Review Unit to review a case.

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