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Citizens Academy

The Summit County Prosecutor’s Office would like to extend an invitation to you and/or someone you may know to apply for the Summit County Prosecutor’s Citizens Academy.  We believe that you, as a community leader, would enjoy learning more about our office or you may know someone that you feel is a leader within their neighborhood that would benefit from learning more about the justice system.

The purpose of this Academy is to offer insight into how the Prosecutor serves the community. This will be a hands-on experience where you will learn how charging decisions are made, gain insight into plea negotiations, and learn more about our complex justice system. You will hear from professionals who have expertise in their fields, and you will learn about forensic evidence, grand jury proceedings, officer-involved shootings and body cams, child support, victim services, human trafficking, sentencing, and much more.  To apply for this great program, click to the right of this screen.

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