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Crossroads Program

The Crossroads Program serves children with substance abuse/dependence problems and mental illness, most commonly referred to as “co-occurring disorders.” Juveniles with a substance dependence diagnosis can also be accepted into the program, as well as youth who may be diagnosed solely with an affective mental health disorder.

Crossroads is the Summit County Juvenile Court’s Drug & Mental Health court.

Juvenile defendants are referred to the Crossroads Program by the Summit County Prosecutor’s Office or by the Summit County Juvenile Court Magistrate who hears the juvenile’s case. In order to qualify, the juvenile defendant must have either a substance abuse problem or a mental health disorder, or both.

If the juvenile is deemed appropriate for Crossroads, he/she will participate in a long-term treatment program, which could include probation, urine screens, substance abuse treatment, mental health counseling, and numerous court appearances. The juvenile’s parent or guardian must also participate in the program. If the juvenile successfully completes the Crossroads Program, the offense that led to the juvenile’s involvement in the program is dismissed.

For additional information regarding this program, please refer to Juvenile Court.

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    Crossroads is the Summit County Juvenile Court’s Drug & Mental Health court.

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