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Form NameDescription


Allows CSEA to communicate directly with a party's attorney.

Application for Child Support Services

Allows you to apply for child support services.

Change of Address

Allows you to change your address.

Legal Enforcement Questionnaire

Legal Enforcement Questionnaire
Request for a Review and Adjustment
Allows you to request a review of the current child support and health insurance obligations.

Third Party Affidavit

Allows CSEA to communicate directly with a third party
regarding your child support case.

Judicial Enforcement Tools

Jud Enforcement Tools



Medical Coverage

Medical Coverage

Order Termination

Order Termination

Your Rights & Responsibilities


Tax Offset

Tax Offset

Terms & Definitions

Terms Definitions

Paternity & Support Order Establishment

Paternity Pamphlet

E-Services Pamphlet

E-Service Pamphlet

General Information Pamphlet

Covers general information you need to know.

Income Provider Info Pamphlet

Inc. Provider Pamphlet


Arrearages: What are they?


A Guide to Addressing Frequently Asked Questions


* Please print & mail these forms to Ohio Child Support payment central at the addressed listed on the form. Please do not mail them to your local Child Support Enforcement Agency